The Karniewicz Law Group prides ourselves on being there for the little guy - the person who feels stepped on, overlooked, and taken advantage of. Whether it is someone struggling to get started with their business or a successful business owner who has run into trouble with their mergers, we are here to level the playing field.

Business Law Services



Our goal is to offer our business clients a multitude of services that are designed to meet their needs - from establishing the appropriate entity to negotiating and drafting stockholder and operating agreements. Ultimately, our goal is to protect the interests of our clients in all situations.  We can also assist with other business law aspects including special licenses, real estate transfers, mortgage brokerage and construction certifications, and more.  We have decades of combined experience establishing and qualifying not-for-profit organizations and 501(c)(3) documentations. No matter what your business's legal needs are, we are here to help.

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Contact us today to see for yourself why we are the name more people trust for business law assistance. The Karniewicz Law Group is in the business of making local businesses and nonprofits as strong and successful as they can be by. And we are achieving this by providing a sound legal foundation and experienced consultation to managers and owners across the state. Contact us now and let us help you as well.